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National Socioeconomic surveys in forestry

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Key contents as shown below 1. Introduction (explains the rationale of sourcebook, expected users, scope and how to use) 2. Background and focus of forest-related questions in LSMS and other National Household surveys (covers need and purpose of forest-related questions and how to use the modules) 3. Measuring the role of forests in household welfare and livelihoods and related issues in the national household socioeconomic surveys 4. Collecting Household Welfare Data Through the Forestry Modules (explains collecting household welfare data through separate Forestry Modules and adding forestry aspects to existing LSMS-ISA survey) 5. Operationalizing the modules - covers pilot tests, scope and limitations of forest-related socioeconomic surveys etc.) Seven Annexes: covering definitions, separate and integrated Forestry Modules, codebook, data sources and links and pilot tests.