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Strengthening sector policies for better food security and nutrition results - Rural migration

Policy Briefs: Policy Brief

Migration is part of the development process and can contribute to achieving food and nutrition security, although tangible benefits and opportunities are maximized when adequate policies are in place and decent working conditions are ensured. The relation between migration, food security and nutrition is complex and very much context-specific. On the one hand, food and nutrition insecurity is among the root causes of migration out of rural areas, together with other socio-economic factors. On the other hand, migration can have different impacts – positive or negative – on the four dimensions of food security. Strengthening policy coherence is crucial to harness the development potential of migration for food security and nutrition. In particular, policy interventions need to both reduce the pressure to migrate, by addressing the root causes of migration, and ensure safe, orderly and regular movements of people. This guidance note illustrates policy changes that have proved successful in ensuring greater synergy between the rural migration and food security and nutrition policy agendas.