Сокращение масштабов нищеты в сельских районах

Inclusive Business Models - Training modules

Learning Tools: Guidance

Various types of inclusive business models (IBMs) can connect small producers to agricultural value chains. These include traders, agrifood processors, retailers and contract farming arrangements with large buyers. Supporting these business models and strengthening the linkages that connect smallholders to markets can improve the overall competitiveness of a value chain and reduce poverty. The training targets designers and implementers of farmer-market linkage projects including ministries, development organizations and NGOs, and can add value not only to smallholder-based development initiatives but also to the business activities of other actors involved in agricultural value chains including processors and buyers of agricultural produce. The IBM training package consists in a facilitator’s manual accompanied by a series of PowerPoint presentations. The manual provides guidance to the facilitator on how the sessions should be organized as well as on expected outputs, preparatory activities, reference notes, description of suggested activities and additional tools such as case studies or templates for group work.