Сокращение масштабов нищеты в сельских районах


Year Title Type
8 Apr 2020 Impact of COVID-19 on informal workers Policy Briefs
5 Mar 2020 Backs bent, but chins held high - Women clam harvesters in Tunisia’s Gulf of Gabes Video
5 Mar 2020 Karin Abensur, on the importance of added value in artisanal fishing Video
5 Mar 2020 The aquaculture women of Lake Arapa, Peru Video
12 Feb 2020 Guidelines for measuring youth employment and Decent Work in agriculture within developing countries Publications
19 Dec 2019 On the path to universal coverage for rural populations: removing barriers of access to social protection Brochures
24 Nov 2019 Addressing the climate change and poverty nexus Brochures
28 Jul 2019 Inclusive Agriculture and Rural Transformation Video
21 Jul 2019 Reduce Rural Poverty Brochures
18 Jun 2019 FAO Extreme Rural Poverty Framework Publications