Сокращение масштабов нищеты в сельских районах


Year Title Type
17 Jun 2019 Launch of the FAO Framework on Rural Extreme Poverty Video
14 Oct 2018 Ending extreme poverty in rural areas Publications
15 May 2018 Promoting Decent Rural Youth Employment in Agriculture Video
12 Dec 2017 Alternatives to migration for Tunisian rural youth
8 Nov 2017 Foro nacional, cambiar el destino de la migración: Jóvenes emprendedores rurales
8 Nov 2017 Ventanilla Única Municipal de Empleo (VUME) Rural en Tejutla, San Marcos
8 Oct 2017 Promoting Alternatives to Migration for Ethiopian Rural Youth
2017 Yapasa - Creating decent work for rural youth Video
2016 Social Protection in Near East and North Africa. Regional Trends
2020 Farm Business Schools. The Lebanese experience Video