Сокращение масштабов нищеты в сельских районах


Year Title Type
2013 Reducing child labour in agriculture through partnerships Video
2017 Changing Climate, Changing life - A story of Laxmi Sunar Video
2015 The Social Cash Transfer Programme - Breaking the cycle of poverty in Zambia Video
2016 Study on small-scale family farming in the Near East and North Africa region. Synthesis
2014 To LEAP Out of Poverty - Impacts of social protection in Ghana Video
2015 Social Protection in Africa Video
2016 Youth mobility, food security and rural poverty reduction (RYM) Brochures
2017 Governing Land for Women and Men Video
2013 Paths out of Poverty - Social cash transfers in Malawi Video
Mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 on the livestock sector Policy Briefs