The idea of creating a North African Communication Network for avian influenza and other transboundary animal diseases (RECOMSA), integrated in the FAO-OIE/RAHC-NA regional initiative for the Mediterranean REMESA (Mediterranean Animal Health Network) to involve members of multidisciplinary communication national teams, has been imposed gradually in order to facilitate exchanges between protagonist of communication in animal health.

The aim is to develop areas of collaboration and exchange, and a range of professional links between communications teams, veterinarians, public health staff, professionals of animal production sector and other civil society actors. These links should be also reinforced with networks of institutions and organizations whose interests and assignments agree on Animal Health communication ambit.

Several thematic dossiers will be offered to RECOMSA members, where they will find: updated information related to animal health communication in the countries covered by the RAHC-NA, relevant documents linked to the field of communication for behaviour change, communication activities developed within projects under implementation, a training area and a discussion forum.