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Veterinary Biologics Training Program, May 14-18, 2018

Country/Area: Worldwide
Veterinary Biologics Training Program, well-known program, provides an overview of the USDA regulatory process for assuring the purity, safety, potency and efficacy of veterinary biologics [read more]
Submitted by: Mohammed Bengoumi

Contingency plan

Submitted by: M.bengoumi

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control's April 2011 newsletter

Country/Area: Worldwide
This issue contains summaries of recent rabies research studies that you may find interesting as well as updates on the World Rabies Day campaign, rabies prevention projects in Bali, Ghana and KwaZulu Natal and other news. [read more]
Submitted by: J. Conforti

REMESA in press

Recent coverage of the III JPC REMESA meeting in Algiers in the international news media Méditerranée - Lutte contre les maladies Vectorielles - 07 Février 2011 12:53 - Benaïssa appelle au renforcement de la coopération entre... [read more]
Submitted by: Luis Limpo FAO-ECTAD

On the importance of veterinary medicine in the 21st century

Dr. Peter de Leeuw, former Chief Veterinary Officer of the Netherlands and senior veterinary adviser to the Animal Health Service (AGAH) of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, reminds us that certain highly infectious diseases make animal husbandry nearly impossible. However, even less severe diseases that... [read more]
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World Veterinary Year 2011

This year has been declared World Veterinary Year, marking the 250th anniversary of the birth of the veterinary profession and of veterinary science. It was in 1761 that King Louis XV of France, troubled by the ongoing scourge of cattle disease, proposed that a veterinary school should be founded in... [read more]
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Egypt: keeping avian flu at bay

Country/Area: Egypt
FAO VIDEO - Egypt's farmers are leading the country's fightback against avian flu, backed by FAO and the government. A variety of measures aims to avert a repeat of 2006, when 35 million infected birds were slaughtered following a devastating outbreak. [read more]
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