Programme, participants and presentations


List of participants



Public/private partnership in Maghreb: conclusions of the FAO workshop held in June 2013

Presentation of a GIS tool  by CIRAD


Results and perspectives of the communication plans


Animal health situation in Egypt

Animal health situation in France

Animal health situation in Libya

Animal health situation in Morocco

Animal health situation in Tunisia


Presentation by Barbara Alessandrini (IZS Teramo, Italy) of Training opportunities for the veterinary services in the mediterranean basin


Group works

RESEPSA (photo)

RECOMSA (photo)

REPIVET (photo)

RELABSA (presentation and photo)

The minutes of the workshop and the conclusions of the group works will be soon available.

They will be sent to the participants and the members of the REMESA Joint Permanent Committee.

Closure of the GCP/RAB/010/SPA project, Hammamet, Tunisia (29-30 November 2013)

Venue: Tunisia

During three years and a half since the beginning of the project, many activities have been carried out in the sub-region: meetings to exchange informations and experiences, training workshops, studies and researches in animal health and production in each country, supply of reagents and equipment for laboratories, specific support in health crisis countries.

These activities have been implemented mainly with the support of GCP/RAB/010/SPA project “Strengthening systems for the prevention and control of transboundary animal diseases in the Maghreb and Egypt to establish a Mediterranean Animal Health Network (REMESA)”, funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for development (AECID).

Every year, FAO experts organized, usually in collaboration and consultation with OIE, a meeting of each network to discuss past and future activities. Countries are represented by their thematic focal points.

As GCP/RAB/010/SPA project completion date is December 2013, the FAO sub-regional office for North Africa (SNE) organized a final workshop, held in Hammamet (Tunisia) on 29th and 30th November 2013.


The workshop aimed at sharing experiences and identifying ways to implement priority actions in animal health. Recommendations will be submitted, for endorsement, to the next Joint permanent committee of the network.

Target people

- Focal points of the four subnetworks (RESEPSA , REPIVET , RELABSA and RECOMSA )

- Resource persons: FAO and OIE


The Spanish authorities, as donor, were represented by Drs Carmen Gonzalez Martin (photo) and Miguel Angel Martin Esteban from the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment.



(Editors: Rania Oueslati and Lilian PUECH, FAO-ECTAD-NA)