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FMD in North African countries, members of REMESA (french)

FMD in Egypt (english)

FMD in Libya (english)

Opportunities for coordinated actions between EuFMD and REMESA (english)


PPR in North African countries, members of REMESA (french)

FAO regional project on PPR (english)

PPR in Egypt (english)


RVF in Mauritania (french)

Presentation of the Efsa scientific opinion on RVF (french)

FAO / OIE project on RVF (french)


OIE : Global and regional vaccine banks (english)

GDS France : First Mediterranean conference on animal health (french)

ADS Portugal : Presentation of the Associations de défense sanitaire of Alentejo (french)

OIE : REEV-MED, network of vet schools in the Mediterranean (english)

FAO : Cooperative and collaborative actions within the REMESA region (french)

FAO : Table summarizing the cooperative and collaborative actions within the REMESA region (french)

FAO : Animal health in the FAO strategic objectives and country programme frameworks (english)

OIE : Summary of the recommendations of the OIE global conference on the responsible and prudent use of anti-microbials for animals (english)

SNGTV France : Figth against antimicrobial resistance :  contribution of a private veterinary organization (english)

Efsa : Potential collaborations between Efsa and REMESA (english)



- List of activities implemented by the Regional coordination unit FAO/OIE since 2010 (french)

- Support to RELABSA and REPIVET (french)

- Support to RESEPSA (french)


Summary of conclusions (english)

Seventh Meeting of the Joint Permanent Committee (JPC) of the Mediterranean Animal Health Network (REMESA), in Faro – Portugal, 13 - 14 June 2013

Within the framework of the Mediterranean Animal Health Network (REMESA) activities, the regional coordination Unit of REMESA in Tunis (FAO-ECTAD and OIE-Sub-Regional Representation which provides the secretariat for 2012 and 2013), and the General Directorate for food and veterinary services of the Portuguese Ministry of agriculture, sea, environment and spatial planning organized the seventh meeting of the Joint Permanent Committee (JPC) of the REMESA, in Faro on the 13th and 14th June 2013.

The Chiefs Veterinary Officers (CVOs), or their representatives, of the ten REMESA countries (Algeria, Egypt, France, Italy, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia) and representatives of FAO, OIE and EU attended this meeting. CVOs from Greece, Cyprus and Malta were presented or represented.

Representatives of farmers (Animal health protection groups), private veterinarians (technical groups) and the European food safety authority (Efsa) attended and participated in the discussions.

The agenda, the list of participants, the presentations given and the summary of conclusions are available in the right part of this page.


(Editor: Lilian PUECH, FAO-ECTAD-NA)