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The Research and Extension Unit (AGDR) of FAO participates in SALSA – Small Farms, Small Food Businesses and Sustainable Food Security, an EU-funded research project of the Horizon2020 program which run from April 2016 to July 2020 with the aim to provide a better understanding of the role of small farms and small food businesses in meeting the sustainable food and nutrition security (FNS) challenge

SALSA pioneered a novel integrated multimethod approach in 30 regions across 19 countries in Europe and Africa using the most recent satellite technologies, transdisciplinary approaches, food systems mapping and participatory foresight analysis.

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Webinar jointly organised with the FAO Regional Office for sub-Saharan Africa
30 June 2020 - The recording of the webinar is available here.

The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has generated extreme vulnerability in the agricultural sector. Governments around the globe are confronted with multiple challenges related to minimizing the devastating health impact and protecting human lives, livelihoods and ensuring sufficient food supplies and the functioning of services to those most in need. 

Extension and Advisory Service (EAS) systems, through their network...

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TECA is an online platform that gathers successful agricultural technologies and practices to facilitate knowledge exchange and help family farmers in the field.

The TECA Platform fills the gap in the knowledge sharing process and provides practical information on proven agricultural innovations to a global audience, promoting a sustainable and inclusive rural transformation and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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The aim of this study is to understand the local innovation processes in South Tyrol and specifically to try to understand the constraints and opportunities for the Learning and Innovation Network for Sustainable Agriculture (LINSA), a highly sophisticated and adaptive network comprising the various stakeholders involved in apple production and marketing in the region.
Occasional papers on Innovation in Family Farming

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FAO believes that innovation in agriculture is the central driving force for achieving a world free from hunger and malnutrition.

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9 November - The recording of the webinar is now available here.

The pluralistic Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) systems, which recognise the diversity of EAS providers, need to respond multiple demands of a range of clients that go far beyond production and technology transfer. Such response of EAS also include strengthening capacity for innovation processes in production, mechanization, postharvest, storage, market linkages, nutrition and climate change. To effectively respond to the increased demands and remain a relevant partner of farmers and rural communities, governments, and small and medium...

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The entire EAS system, including service providers, needs to develop new capacities to listen to and respond to the needs and requirements of different categories of producers.

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Webinar presented by FAO’s Research and Extension Unit (OINR) and Agrinatura

1 December 2020
The aim of the webinar is to present complementary and joint work areas of Agrinatura and FAO in the next three years, with the main objective to strengthen Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) and partnerships between Universities and Research Centres throughout Europe and developing countries for inclusive, responsible and impactful agricultural innovations, in the context of sustainable agricultural development and food security.

In 2015, FAO and Agrinatura engaged in the EU-funded Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS) project (2015-2019)...

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Since the 1980s, investments in public sector extension have declined, while new challenges and opportunities faced by producers have dramatically increased the need for diversified services, around topics such as sustainable production, climate change adaptation, links to markets and entrepreneurship, community mobilization, nutrition-sensitive agriculture and much more.

Type: Webinars

6 April 2021The recording of the webinar is now available here. 

The pluralistic Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) systems, which recognise the diversity of EAS providers, nowadays need to address many more demands of a wider variety of clients that go far beyond production and technology transfer. Hence, the EAS systems are challenged to transform themselves to encompass innovative entrepreneurship models and rapidly develop entrepreneurship capacities. To that end, EAS actors and institutions require specific conducive environment that would ensure fast progress and scaling up.

Recognising the increasing...