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TECA platform webinar: Regenerative Agriculture: good practices for small scale agricultural producers

Virtual - , 05/08/2021 -

The TECA Platform contains a wide range of practices that promote regenerative agriculture from different parts of the world. All practices have been tested by farmers on their farms for a number of years with positive results.

In this webinar we present practices focusing on experiences and lessons learned from adoption of good practices related to regenerative agriculture, in particular we are highlighting successful practices that improve soil fertility through mulching tree residuals. The first practice Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration was successfully applied and replicated in many countries in Africa, South-eastern Asia and the Caribbean. The second practice The Inga tree model: regenerative agroforestry was successfully applied in Honduras, and finally, the third practice Good practices of agroforestry systems: the Kuxur rum system was successfully applied in Guatemala.