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Global review and assessment of public agricultural extension and advisory service systems

Global - , 21/01/2022 - 24/02/2022

 Announcement on expression of interest for the participation of the FAO Workshop on

Global Review and Assessment of Public Agricultural Extension and Advisory Service Systems

 23-24, Feb 2022

8:00-12:00 Brasilia, Santiago; 12:00-16:00 in Rome; 13:00-17:00 in Maputo, Lilongwe, Bucharest; 14:00-18:00 in Addis Ababa; 15:00-19:00 in Baku; 18:00-22:00 in Bangkok; 19:00-23:00 in Beijing

Introduction: The Research and Extension Unit of Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO) is carrying out a global review and assessment on public agricultural extension and advisory service (EAS) systems in 2022 in response to the recommendation of the COAG27. A two-day online workshop on “Global Review and Assessment on Public Agricultural EAS Systems” in February 2022 is planned by FAO to support this initiative.

Objectives: This online workshop is aimed to familiarize all participants with the background, significance, objectives, methodology and expected results of the global review and assessment exercise; introduce the data collection tools to all participants, explaining and discussing with them on how to fill in the data collection tables and how to analyze the data; and share experience on drafting regional EAS review and assessment reports and knowledge products including related country case study reports and policy advocacy briefs.

Outline of the workshop: The Workshop will be in Englishand will lasttwo days (eight hours in total).Each day will be composed of two sessions of approximately two hours, each with a general presentation and Q&A discussions. Day one will focus on the background, objectives, scope and methodology of this global review exercises. Day two will focus on data collection methods and tools and the expected outcomes of the global review exercises.

How to apply for the workshop: EAS specialists who are interested in facilitating, collaborating on and/or participating in this global review and assessment exercises can express the interest to participate in the workshop. Representatives of national public agricultural EAS agencies (such as directorates or departments of extension under the ministry of agriculture of FAO Members), who are public EAS system management specialists, are especially encouraged to send us the expression of interest for participation. All participants of the workshop need to be fluent in English. For individuals and institutions who meet all the criteria listed above, please kindly apply via the LINK here which will lead you to an online application form. The application deadline for the expression of interest is 4 February, 2022.

Considering the time and space limit, the number of the participants will be about 30 in total. FAO’s Research and Extension Unit will evaluate all valid applications received by the due date based on their relevance and experiences. To all selected participants, the FAO will issue an official invitation letter via email. The Workshop is open to the invited participants only.

We thank you for your interest in the joining the Workshop and look forward to receiving your application.