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Year: 2023

19 June 2023
9:00 – 13:00 (CEST, Rome time)

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The increasing impacts of climate change and the consequences of drought necessitate the development of adaptation and mitigation measures across various aspects of the agrifood systems. Research and technological innovation are considered essential means to avoid economic and social crisis and achieve sustainability. The actions should focus on cross-cutting activities, including policy, knowledge sharing, capacity development with specific considerations to health, nutrition, gender and youth empowerment relevant to drought management and mitigation in agrifood...

Type: 新闻
Year: 2023

FAO’s Office of Innovation (OIN) held a three-day retreat from 17 to 19 April 2023 to reshape its foundation and deliberate on strategic innovation processes and services it should offer to FAO and its Members. The event aimed at defining the vision and mission of the Office of Innovation and help positioning FAO as a leading UN agency on innovation for agrifood systems transformations globally.

The retreat began with an exercise aimed at refreshing the vision and mission of the Office, involving envisioning what the world might look like in 2050, and what role innovation in FAO would play in that...

Type: 新闻
Year: 2023

Grenada’s Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives has partnered with FAO to launch two projects aimed at promoting digital agriculture and resilient food systems across the Caribbean Island.

The projects, entitled: “the Global Network of Digital Agriculture Innovation Hubs (DAIH) and the Regional E-Agriculture for the Caribbean – a post-COVID-19 Mechanism to advance resilient agrifood (REA),” were launched at a workshop held from 22 to 24 March in the capital St. George.

The joint-initiative marks a bold step towards revolutionizing the agricultural sector by scaling-up digital agriculture and innovative practices to modernise harvesting methods across...

Type: 新闻
Year: 2023

FAO has awarded funding to eight innovation proposals under a pioneering new scheme named the “Innovation Fund Incubator,” which aims to enhance FAO’s culture of continuous innovation by nurturing the development, and piloting of innovative ideas, as well as learning from their implementation and impact.

The selected proposals range from working with larvae for sustainable protein production, utilizing drones to prevent the spread of pandemics in remote areas to establishing indicators to accelerate policies to narrow the gender gap.

The project pitches are all interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary and teams are composed of members of four FAO regions and seven...

Type: 新闻
Year: 2022

联合国粮农组织 (FAO) 正与其成员国和发展伙伴合作,以扭转目前粮食不安全和营养不良恶化的趋势,以此作为实现可持续发展目标 (SDG),特别是实现SDG2关于2030 年零饥饿的目标。粮农组织的工作以其新的战略框架为指导,该框架寻求向更高效、更具包容性、更有弹性和可持续的农业粮食系统转型,以实现更好的生产、更好的营养、更好的环境和更美好的生活,不让任何人掉队。

农业生物技术是 "工具箱 "的一个组成部分,可以在不增加农业粮食系统对环境的有害影响的情况下实现急需的粮食产量的大幅增长。粮农组织对生物技术的定义是基于《生物多样性公约》的定义,其范围相当广泛。它涵盖了范围广泛的从简单到复杂的各种技术方法,例如人工授精、组织培养和发酵技术以及基于全基因组测序和聚合酶链反应 (PCR) 的疾病诊断和监测方法.

2012 年,粮农组织出版了《为小农户服务的生物技术》, 一本关于应用生物技术满足发展中国家小农户需求的案例研究集。为了加强、补充和更新这份2012年的出版物,粮农组织计划出版一套新的案例研究,介绍如何应用农业生物技术来解决制约发展中国家作物、林业、畜牧业和渔业/水产养殖部门小农户生产系统的问题。这些案例研究将以非技术性受众为目标,反映一系列不同的生物技术的应用。它们将旨在涵盖应用农业生物技术的各种目的,如提高生产力和质量; 在生产后期阶段增加价值; 表征/保护遗传资源; 以及诊断或预防疾病。


粮农组织邀请有兴趣的从业人员提出将农业生物技术应用于发展中国家 的小农户粮食系统的案例研究,以作为考虑出版的候选案例。提交提案时,请将案例研究的摘要(最多300字)发送至 [email protected]。摘要应为英文,并应描述案例研究,具体说明所应用的生物技术(或多种生物技术)、应用地点、谁从其应用中受益以及它在该领域的影响。因此,提案应记录经过验证和可复制的生物技术应用,而不是实验室或研究站的研究结果。成功入选的摘要将主要基于每份提交材料的质量。不过,其他标准,如不同生物技术和部门(即作物、林业、畜牧业和渔业/水产养殖业)的覆盖面;生物技术提供解决方案的不同问题;以及地理区域,也将得到考虑。每人可以提交多份摘要,只要它们涉及不同的案例研究。


对于被选中发表的案例,作者将被要求提交一份更详细的说明(最多2000字)如有需要,将为这项工作的作者提供适度的酬金。作者应描述项目的环境和背景、解决的关键问题、具体应用的生物技术(或多种生物技术)、如果可能,一些相关照片还应提供。 具体可请参阅在小农户服务的生物技术上发表的 19 个案例研究。



  • 2022年6月22日 – 提交摘要的截止日期
  • 2022年7月29日 –通知获得入选摘要的作者
  • 2022年9月15日 – 入选摘要的作者提交完整案例研究的初稿

不同案例的研究集将于2023年由粮农组织出版成书。要求解释或其他询问的可发送至 [email protected]

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