Research and Extension Systems


Type: Webinars
Year: 2020

Webinar presented by FAO’s Research and Extension Unit (OINR) and Agrinatura

1 December 2020
The aim of the webinar is to present complementary and joint work areas of Agrinatura and FAO in the next three years, with the main objective to strengthen Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) and partnerships between Universities and Research Centres throughout Europe and developing countries for inclusive, responsible and impactful agricultural innovations, in the context of sustainable agricultural development and food security.

In 2015, FAO and Agrinatura engaged in the EU-funded Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS) project (2015-2019)...

Type: Webinars
Year: 2021

6 April 2021The recording of the webinar is now available here. 

The pluralistic Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) systems, which recognise the diversity of EAS providers, nowadays need to address many more demands of a wider variety of clients that go far beyond production and technology transfer. Hence, the EAS systems are challenged to transform themselves to encompass innovative entrepreneurship models and rapidly develop entrepreneurship capacities. To that end, EAS actors and institutions require specific conducive environment that would ensure fast progress and scaling up.

Recognising the increasing...

Type: Webinars
Year: 2021

The TECA Platform contains a wide range of practices that promote regenerative agriculture from different parts of the world. All practices have been tested by farmers on their farms for a number of years with positive results.

In this webinar we present practices focusing on experiences and lessons learned from adoption of good practices related to regenerative agriculture, in particular we are highlighting successful practices that improve soil fertility through mulching tree residuals. The first practice Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration was successfully applied and replicated in many countries in Africa, South-eastern Asia and the Caribbean. The second practice The Inga tree...

Type: Webinars
Year: 2021

The videos and PPTs from the webinar are now available here

The webinar was organised jointly by the European Union (EU) funded ‘AgriLink’ project and the Research and Extension Unit (OINR) of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). It aims to explore the opportunities, challenges and potential pitfalls associated with the current trends in the digital delivery of extension and advisory services (EAS) to farmers – with a specific focus upon the empowerment of small and family farmers.



14.00- 14.05       Introduction to the webinar Speaker: Selvaraju Ramasamy, FAO Senior Agricultural Officer & Head of Research and Extension Unit, OINR

14.05-14.15       ...

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