Govern risks and crises

FAO supports countries to adopt and implement legal, policy and institutional systems and regulatory frameworks for risk reduction and crisis management.

Disaster risk reduction (DRR) and management are at the core of FAO’s resilience work. Institutional strengthening and good governance on disaster risk reduction and crisis management are crucial to reduce increasing levels of disaster risk and manage the impact of shocks.

FAO provides legal, policy and technical advice, as well as knowledge transfer, training, tools and services to build the capacity of governments at all levels (local, regional, national) and their partners to manage hazards and risks that threaten agriculture, nutrition, food security and food safety.

FAO supports countries to ensure that DRR policies and planning frameworks address agriculture, livelihoods, food security and nutrition. At the same time, FAO assists countries in integrating DRR into agricultural, livestock, fisheries, forestry and natural resource sector policies and plans. FAO helps match such policies and plans with the necessary investment programmes and strategies.

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