Prepare and respond

FAO supports countries to prepare for and manage effective responses to disasters and crises.

Sometimes it is unavoidable that threats and crises devastate lives and livelihoods, despite early warning, prevention and other government-led efforts. Given that disasters disproportionately affect farmers, fishers, herders and foresters, immediate support to protect and recover livelihoods is key to avoid long-term reliance on external assistance and to promote self-reliance and dignity.

Thinking ahead of disastrous events, FAO supports countries to translate early warning into preparedness and early action, for example through contingency planning. This ensure that vital supplies – such as livestock vaccines, fodder reserves and seed stocks – are available in disaster-prone areas, backed by local extension workers ready to support communities.

When crises hit, FAO assesses their impact and the needs of families with agriculture-based livelihoods, such as seeds to secure an imminent planting season or feed to keep animals alive. FAO contributes to informing and coordinating these response efforts worldwide, acting as co-lead of the global Food Security Cluster and of national clusters in many countries.

Working with governments and communities before, during and after disasters strike, FAO is in a unique position to support countries build more resilient and food secure futures – linking prevention, preparedness, emergency and rehabilitation for sustainable development.

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