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Somalia | Cash+ Livestock activities

Feb 2021

In September and October 2020, FAO, through the implementing partner Agency for Humanity Initiative Organization (AHIO), provided livestock treatment/deworming and distributed supplementary feed blocks and plastic containers (known locally as Mazzicans and used by pastoralists for milk storage and hygienic transfer of milk) to households in five districts in Somaliland (Baki, Berbera, Borama, Hargeisa and Luqhaya). 

FAO defines cash+ as an intervention that combines cash transfers with productive assets, agricultural inputs and/or technical training and extension services to enhance the livelihoods and productive capacities of poor and vulnerable households. 

Cash+ livestock provides immediate humanitarian support to livestock producers through unconditional cash transfers, including monthly cash assistance (for six months), livestock livelihood inputs (mineral blocks for livestock, livestock treatment and milk containers) and training to make the most of the inputs provided.

Author: FAO in Somalia

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