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Afghanistan | Improving soybean varieties and production capacity to improve food security and nutrition in Afghanistan

May 2022

In Afghanistan, many families cannot afford to buy meat and chronically lack protein, contributing to malnutrition. Soybean is being progressively adopted to combat malnutrition and improve protein intake, as it contains 37 percent protein, 20 percent healthy omega-3 fat and 20 percent fibre, as well as nine essential amino acids. As an excellent and inexpensive source of protein, soybean has the potential to reduce malnutrition in Afghanistan, contributing to improved dietary diversity and quality.

Thanks to funding from the Republic of Korea, FAO and World Food Programme (WFP) are implementing a joint project to strengthen soybean production in Afghanistan as a way to improve food security and nutrition.

FAO is responsible for conducting research to develop improved soybean variates, and WFP will contribute to the processing and marketing of soybean to increase the market for this pulse in the country.

Project symbol: OSRO/AFG/009/ROK

Author: FAO

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