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Preparing emergency livelihood kits in South Sudan

Feb 2014

The crisis in South Sudan and high levels of food insecurity require a humanitarian response that is fast, flexible and opportunistic. FAO is helping to restore food production and access for the most vulnerable by providing lightweight “emergency livelihood kits” that can be distributed by air, land or water.

Four types of kits have been prepared: fisheries kits (2 spools of twine & 1 box of hooks); vegetable kits (80-90 g of seeds, 1 hoe, & 1 watering can/wheelbarrow); livestock kits for community animal health workers (veterinary drugs and vaccines); and crop kits (20-25 kg of seeds & 1 hoe).

Livestock vaccines (for 400 000 animals) that were lost when the cold chain was damaged are being properly disposed of and replaced to prevent disease outbreaks, which threaten both livelihoods and public health.

Author: FAO/South Sudan

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