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Vietnam | Needs assessment in response to El Niño

Jul 2016

Against the backdrop of one the worst drought in history attributed to the El Niño event, a total of 52 out of the 63 provinces (83 percent) of Viet Nam have been affected by drought and 18 provinces have declared to be in a State of Emergency as of June 2016.

In order to further assess the damages and losses that occurred in the agriculture sectors and sub-sectors, and estimate the impact the impact on the livelihoods of the people affected, especially the most vulnerable groups (i.e. women and ethnic minorities), as well as come up with necessary response interventions, a more in-depth assessment was carried out in May 2016.

The results of the assessment show that in the Central Highlands, the largest damages were reported and observed on perennial cash crop plantations such as coffee and pepper, whereas in the other provinces of South Central and Mekong Delta regions the main losses were on rice, vegetables and pulses production considered both staple and cash crops. The damages occurred on perennial crops will require a complete replenishment of the destroyed plantations and high cost for new investment that not all farmers can endure.

Author: FAO/Viet Nam

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