Somalia | Fall armyworm and Farmer Field School activities

Jun 2021

Fall armyworm (FAW), Spodoptera frugiperda, is a dangerous transboundary insect with a high potential to spread rapidly due to its natural distribution capacity and opportunities presented by international trade. FAW is an insect pest of economic importance and represents a real threat to the food security and livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers.

In Somalia, farmers in Southwest State lack the tools and knowledge to effectively and economically manage FAW and require FAO’s support through training to learn cost-effective ways of managing the pest. Physical control of FAW is one of the viable control options being advanced by FAO and partners as a means resource-poor farmers can employ to save their crop from the effects of FAW. In addition to training, the project will implement activities including the distribution of pheromone traps and lures, data collection and routine surveillance. The overall objective of the project is to put in place a community-based FAW monitoring and control system to assist farmers in Bay and Bakool regions.

FAO is also implementing the Farmer Field School (FFS) approach in Somalia. The approach is described as a ‘school without walls’ that supports farmers through the provision of agricultural education and extension services. FFS empowers farmers using experiential and participatory learning techniques for the purpose of providing farmers with specific technical, organizational and analytical skills, improving farmers’ decision making capacity, developing problem solving capacity and stimulating local innovation. 

Activities include: formation of FFS groups; identification and training of FFS community facilitators; identification of community resources, value chains and institutional profiling; development of cropping calendar; development of community action plan; development of training curriculum; training of FFS groups and conducting field days. 

Project codes: OSRO/GLO/008/BMG, OSRO/SOM/007/USA 

Author: FAO in Somalia

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