Junior Farmer Field and Life School for Somali refugees

May 2013

The Junior Farmer Field and Life School is a training approach designed to empower vulnerable youth and provide them with the livelihood options and gender-sensitive skills needed for long-term food security while reducing their vulnerability to destitution and providing risk coping strategies.

One of the other major objectives of the JFFLS is to promote the creation of gender-equal attitudes, by enabling youth to exercise the same roles and responsibilities and developing their capacities to critically assess relationships and understand the risks and resources present within their community.

“As the leader of Bidii JFFLS, I have learned to lead by example and to inspire confidence in my fellow students when rallying support for the various projects we carry out”, quips a confident Habiba Athumani, a refugee from Somalia, is a student at Angelina Jolie Girls Primary School in Kakuma, Kenya.

Author: FAO/Kenya

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