FAO emergency rice seed distribution in Nepal nearly complete

Jun 2015

Just over five weeks since Nepal's devastating earthquake of 25 April, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations expects to complete its emergency distribution of rice seeds to farmers in the six most affected districts in time for the imminent planting season. As rice seeds were being distributed in Jaubari village development committee (VDC) in Gorkha district (140 km west of Kathmandu) on 29 May, local authorities noted that FAO was one of the first organizations to deliver rice seeds to the district. Following FAO’s emergency seed distribution activities, a total of 198 tonnes of rice seed will have been distributed across the six districts. Once harvested, it is expected that the seeds will provide food for an average household for five months. The seeds were purchased from the National Seed Company, with funding from Belgium, Italy and FAO.

Author: FAO/Nepal

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