Somalia | Supporting pastoralists

Apr 2017

In March, FAO activated 120 veterinary teams across Somalia to keep drought-affected animals alive and healthy, helping livestock owners to retain a vital food source. Nearly 8.4 million animals were treated already by the end of April. By the end of the campaign, 21 million animals belonging to 3 million people will be assisted thanks to funding from Canada, CERF, FAO and the UK – which has funded 2/3 of the campaign. These photos are from Puntland – part of Somalia’s Northern Inland Pastoral livelihood zone, which is in IPC Phase 4 and where people depend entirely on livestock to survive. Also in Puntland, cash-for-work activities are putting cash in people’s pockets while rehabilitating water catchments to make the most of the upcoming rains and ensure animals have water to drink.

Author: FAO/Somalia

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