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Afghanistan | Winter wheat campaign

Dec 2021

Thanks to funding from the United States Agency for International Development, FAO is carrying out a winter wheat campaign in Afghanistan. The campaign that has directly benefited 1.3 million people in 2021, providing farmers with certified wheat seed and training. 

Noor Mohammad received 50 kg of certified wheat seed and was trained on wheat cultivation in the Daman District Centre of Kandahar Province. Vulnerable farmers like Noor cannot afford to buy seed following a failed harvest season that was caused by a severe drought hit Afghanistan. Thanks to the high-quality, locally-adapted and drought-resistant wheat variety that FAO provided, Noor can expect to reap abundant yields. The wheat package provided will enable him to cultivate 2 jeribs (0.4 ha) of land, which will yield of 1.2-1.4 tonnes of wheat, enough cover the cereal needs of a family of seven for a full year. Noor’s family, along with other farmers who received seed, will consume the wheat they harvest and sell the surplus. With the proceeds from the sale of the surplus wheat, Noor said he would pay school fees and buy stationary for his children. Noor also plans to save some seed to plant in next wheat season. 

Project code: OSRO/AFG/110/USA

Author: FAO

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