La resiliencia

"Football against Hunger" campaign spot 2012

Mar 2012

Right now in the Sahel region of west Africa, over 15 million people are at risk of becoming famine victims. Already, over 1.3 million children are suffering from acute malnutrition due to failed harvests, rising food prices and the impact of climate change. Too many lives were lost last year because the world reacted too slowly.

'Professional Football Against Hunger' - a partnership between the world of football, the European Union and FAO - is standing up to stop a repeated tragedy. Football is the only truly global sport watched and played by businessmen and street children in rich and poor countries alike. Using its power and popularity, the football industry is increasingly aware of the good it can do. Over the past several years, the Association of European Professional Football Leagues have played a special role in efforts to highlight the global fight against hunger.

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