La resiliencia

Results of the three-year programme in response to the locust plague in Madagascar (2013-2016)

Sep 2016

This video presents the results obtained by the “Three-year Programme (2013-2016) in response to the locust plague in Madagascar”. It was prepared in view of the end-of-Programme workshop, which was held in Antananarivo on 14-16 June 2016 and was presented to all Programme stakeholders at this occasion.

More specifically, the video reminds what was the situation at the start of the Programme, presents the large-scale locust survey and control operations carried out in the respect of human health and the environment during the three successive anti-locust campaigns and shows the results obtained at Programme completion, including in terms of capacity building in a long-term perspective and as a basis for the setting-up of a sustainable preventive locust control strategy by the Governement.

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