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Wheat production in Union Council Komi Kot

Wheat production in Union Council Komi Kot


Union Council Komi Kot is located at a distance of 35 Km from Muzaffarabad in Pakistan. The UC is rainfed with 7 villages. FAO’s input package for Rabi season has benefited 1 000 farmers while 16 demonstration plots have been established in the union council. The Agriculture Department representative shared that maize is grown as major crop in Komi Kot while wheat has mostly been grown for fodder purposes, owning to farmers lack of access to threshers and tractors.

Wheat production as cereal crop in the area started after earthquake under various relief programmes. Nevertheless, for many farmers it is their first experience to grow wheat as cereal crop with the input support from FAO, while department is making efforts to support farmers in tractors and threshers at the time of harvest from their own resources.

Mohammad Ehtisham is an orphan and disabled 18 years old boy. His father died three years ago and ever since, he and his mother are taking care of their 6 members’ family. Their total landholding is 6 kanals; however due to shortage of family labor, they are only able to cultivate 2 kanals. Ehtisham’s mother added that it is the first time in three years, after her husband’s death, that they are cultivating their land for which she credited FAOs support. She further anticipated an increase in production from 280-320 Kgs from same piece of land to 400-600 Kgs.

She identified quality of seed and use of fertilizers as main reason for the expected increase. She argued that they have always used fertilizers; but it only included urea which was also used in lesser quantity. It’s the first time when they have used DAP which has shown positive results.

Mohammad Mursalin is one of the 22 family members. They have 7 kanals of land for which they have received inputs from FAO. Mursalin shared that their major source of income is through services and agriculture land. However, they have only cultivated fodder crops during winters and it is the first time when they are growing wheat as a cereal crop. Though he could not compare wheat production to previous years as it is his first experience with wheat

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