Устойчивость к внешним воздействиям


 - 03/11/2016
This report aims to facilitate the use of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th Assessment Report (IPCC AR5) by those concerned with the fisheries and aquaculture sector and their dependent communities. The extensive information within the AR5 is condensed from the fisheries and aquaculture perspective and guiding links to ...read more
 - 03/11/2016
Billions of people around the world depend on fisheries and aquaculture for food, essential nutrients and livelihoods. The sector is already under stress from pollution, habitat degradation, overfishing and harmful practices; climate variability, climate change and ocean acidification represent additional threats to the sector and dependent communities. FAO and its partners ...read more
 - 16/10/2016
Africa is probably the most vulnerable continent to climate change and variability, because of the combination of its low adaptive capacity with particular eco-climatic and socio-economic conditions. Nevertheless it remains one of the regions less covered by climate change studies. African population mostly depends on the rural sector, mainly based ...read more
 - 10/10/2016
FAO is helping to reorient food and agricultural systems in countries most exposed to climate risks, with a clear focus on supporting smallholders. This booklet provides a summary of FAO’s holistic approach to the adaptation of agriculture.
 - 03/10/2016
End hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition are at the heart of the sustainable development goals. The World has committed to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by 2030. But climate change is undermining the livelihoods and food security of the rural poor, who constitute almost 80% of the world’s ...read more
 - 28/09/2016
Through short text and infographics this booklet describes how soils constitute the largest store of terrestrial carbon. When managed using Sustainable Soil Management (SSM) techniques, soils can play an important role in climate change adaptation, and mitigation and can enhance the provision of ecosystems services by storing carbon (carbon sequestration) ...read more
 - 16/08/2016
The publication will consolidate, from the different sources available, a synthetic analysis on La Niña which will highlight these key aspects: Current forecast for the potential occurrence of La Niña in 2016; Overview of typical La Niña impact patterns; and Potential Early Action opportunities. This document will act as an informative ...read more
 - 04/08/2016
Background and purpose The impact of the 2015‒2016 El Niño weather phenomenon has been one of the most intense and widespread in the past one hundred years. The agriculture, food security and nutritional status of more than 60 million people around the globe is affected by El Niño-related droughts, floods and ...read more
 - 05/07/2016
The content of the publication is intended to raise awareness on the multiple implications that extreme weather-related phenomena, particularly El Niño and La Niña, through the Human Security approach metodology, for the occasion of the HL event on El Niño to be held in New York on the margins of ...read more
 - 02/06/2016
According to the data available and the INFORM 2015 Risk Index, Serbia is highly exposed and vulnerable to natural hazards. Floods are the main type of hydro-meteorological hazard in the country. The assessment covers overall damage and losses caused by heavy rainfalls, rivers, floods and landslides in the period February-March ...read more
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