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Central African Republic - Situation report March 2019

Central African Republic - Situation report March 2019
Mar 2019

Key points

  • The latest IPC analysis (October 2018) indicates that the number of people severely food insecure has increased compared with the previous analysis (March 2018) ‒ from 1.6 to 1.9 million ‒ but is slightly lower than the projection for August 2018 (2 million), showing that despite the assistance provided and a slight decrease in population movements, food insecurity continues to be of serious concern.
  • Persisting insecurity in the Central African Republic continues to be the main cause affecting households’ access to food and livelihoods, significantly disrupting livestock, fishing and agricultural activities.
  • Since November 2017, cereal prices have progressively increased mainly as a result of multiple years of reduced harvests and insecurity that have, in turn, caused stagnation in agricultural production, preventing adequate and regular market supply. This is deeply concerning when about half of Central African families spend the majority of their income on food, and up to 75 percent in some areas.
  • Although the number of internally displaced people (IDPs) has slightly decreased in the last few months, the current caseload is still high at 621 035, of which over 60 percent live with host communities putting pressure on already limited resources.
  • The implementation of agricultural activities and rehabilitation of value chains are key activities to contribute to reducing food insecurity, generating socio-economic development, building resilience and stabilizing peace.
  • For 2019, FAO requires a total of USD 30.5 million to assist 900 000 people. Of this, USD 13 million is urgently needed by mid-March to provide 73 000 households with essential agricultural inputs for the main campaign starting in April, as well as vaccinations benefiting 21 000 households during the ongoing transhumance season and support for small livestock.

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