Syria Crisis - Situation report December 2016

Syria Crisis - Situation report December 2016
Dec 2016

Key points

  • An estimated 7 million people will be food insecure in 2017 and a further 2 million are at risk of food insecurity.
  • Food production in Syria has hit a record low. The area planted to cereals in the 2015-16 cropping season is the smallest ever, according to the latest Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission (CFSAM). The wheat harvest is estimated at 1.5 million tonnes, approximately 55 percent lower than the pre-conflict average.
  • Livestock producers are equally feeling the effects of the crisis. There are 30 percent fewer cattle, 40 percent fewer sheep and goats, and 60 percent less poultry.
  • Failure to provide adequate support to the agriculture sector will exacerbate food insecurity and irreversibly affect agriculture-based livelihoods. If productive farming areas are neglected, Syria will be in danger of emerging from the conflict as a country of subsistence farmers with most of its commercial agricultural base eroded.

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