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Somalia - Situation report October 2019

Somalia - Situation report October 2019
Oct 2019

Key messages

  • The latest food security projections in Somalia (October-December) are a concern:
    o 2.1 million people in IPC Phases 3-4 (twice the pre-crisis average)
    o 4.2 million people in IPC Phase 2 (highest IPC 2 prevalence recorded in Somalia)
  • Six out of seven rainy seasons have been poor in Somalia since 2016, including late and erratic rains during the 2019 Gu season (April-June) which produced the lowest Gu cereal harvest since 1995 in southern Somalia.
  • Pastoralists struggle to recover from severe livestock losses and debt incurred from the drought, although the late Gu 2019 rains helped to replenish pasture and water sources.
  • The ongoing Deyr rainy season (October-December) is forecast to be average to above-average in most of Somalia and benefit rural livelihoods, though presenting flood risks especially along the Juba and Shabelle rivers and creating favorable breeding grounds for Desert Locust.
  • FAO is currently delivering assistance at a very large scale to rural communities, including its largest cash+ agriculture campaign for Deyr production (40 000+ households in southern Somalia), an ongoing livestock treatment campaign (14.7 million animals), to be followed by a contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP) vaccination campaign (14.5 million goats), among other activities.
  • FAO urgently seeks funding to address needs in early 2020, including cash and inputs for the main Gu 2020 cropping season.

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