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Central African Republic - Situation report October 2019

Central African Republic - Situation report October 2019
Oct 2019

Key points

  • According to preliminary results of the latest IPC analysis (October 2019), which have yet to be endorsed by the Government of the Central African Republic, the number of people severely food insecure for September 2019-April 2020 has slightly decreased compared with the previous analysis (June 2019) ‒ from 1.81 to 1.6 million people, of whom nearly 375 000 people in IPC Phase 4. However, 2.1 million people are projected to be severely food insecure during May-August 2020, of whom over 675 000 in IPC Phase 4. Without urgent food assistance, an estimated 29 out of 65 sub-prefectures analysed will be in IPC Phase 4 during the lean season (May–August 2020), while most of the remaining sub-prefectures in IPC Phase 3.
  • The current caseload of internally displaced people (IDP) is of over 600 135 (Commission on Population Movement, 30 September 2019), the majority of whom (377 957 people) live with host families while the rest in IDP sites.
  • For 2019, FAO requires a total of USD 30.5 million to assist 900 000 people, of which only USD 15.8 million has been received. Implementing agricultural activities and rehabilitating value chains are key to contribute to reducing food insecurity, generating socio-economic development, building resilience and stabilizing peace.

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