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Guidance Notes - Distress Migration and Youth in Protracted Crises

Guidance Notes - Distress Migration and Youth in Protracted Crises
Dec 2016
  • Migration is a common phenomenon in protracted crises, mainly resulting from displacement due to conflict, natural disasters and/or the deterioration of livelihoods.
  • The challenges posed by migration are many: disruption of food and nutrition security, increasing competition among livelihood groups, ever greater numbers of displaced young people exposed to the threat of both violence and radicalization, plus a harmful impact on livelihoods in the countries of origin.
  • However, migration also presents opportunities, including powerful drivers for sustainable postconflict recovery, both for host communities and for young people seen as a dynamic force for rebuilding communities and peace.
  • While addressing migration and the deterioration of livelihoods in protracted crises, policies and programmes should include specific interventions to promote viable employment and increased livelihood opportunities for youth.
  • Rural development and food security are central to the global response to the migrant and refugee crisis. A multi-dimensional approach is crucial, addressing both the challenges and the root causes. FAO has adopted such an approach to resilience building.
  • FAO Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools (JFFLS) methodology in various countries with protracted crises has proven effective in increasing the agricultural, business and life skills of young refugees, child soldiers and other vulnerable groups in protracted crises, thus helping them to become more resilient, productive and active members of their communities. The methodology has also been used for peacebuilding and in Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) programmes.
  • A number of future measures must be adopted in programming, stabilization and early recovery efforts if the needs, rights and potential of the youth cohort are to be fully acknowledged and exploited.

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