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Democratic Republic of the Congo - Situation report October 2019

Democratic Republic of the Congo - Situation report October 2019
Oct 2019

Key points

  • According to preliminary results of the latest Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) analysis (August 2019) 15.6 million Congolese are severely food insecure and struggle to feed themselves daily – only second to Yemen (Global Report on Food Crises, 2019).
  • The current EVD outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has resulted in a total of 2 119 recorded deaths (World Health Organization [WHO], 24 September 2019). The disease has spread exclusively through human-to-human transfer of the virus. There is no epidemiological link between human cases in this outbreak and exposure to animals or animal products.
  • FAO is fully engaged in multisectoral coordination at the national, regional and international levels through the activation of an internal FAO Ebola Incident Coordination Group.
  • FAO continues to work closely with United Nations agencies such as the World Food Programme and the United Nations Children’s Fund to prevent food crises and build resilience in the framework of strengthened cooperation among humanitarian, development and peace actors.
  • While USD 40 million is still needed by FAO by the end of 2019, USD 14 million is urgently required to provide timely agricultural assistance to 84 000 people in the greater Kasai region and the provinces affected by the Ebola crisis (North Kivu and Ituri).