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South Sudan | Response Plan | April 2020–March 2021

South Sudan | Response Plan | April 2020–March 2021
Jul 2020

Mitigating the effects of COVID-19 to protect food security and livelihoods

While health needs are an urgent and primary concern, livelihoods and food security-related impacts must not be neglected. Similarly, slow-downs or reductions in the delivery of humanitarian assistance could be catastrophic. It is therefore critical to rapidly mobilize and pre-empt COVID-19 impacts on food security and livelihoods in South Sudan. 

FAO is thus pursuing a two-pronged approach:

  • maintaining and securing existing critical humanitarian operations, while ensuring
  • anticipatory actions are in place to safeguard livelihoods and protect the critical food supply chain as a means to mitigate the secondary effects of the pandemic

Based on its proven technical and operational capacity in South Sudan, FAO is seeking USD 46 million to maintain the provision of critical assistance where there are already high levels of need, while meeting immediate needs emerging from the effects of COVID-19 and in preparation of the recovery phase.