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Zimbabwe: Plan of Action 2010-2015

Zimbabwe: Plan of Action 2010-2015
Jan 2010

As part of its Strategic Framework 2010-2019, FAO is working toward improving linkages and transitions between emergency, rehabilitation, and development in its programme planning. The PoA is one strategic tool being used by FAO Zimbabwe to promote more integrated planning and coordination and to facilitate a smooth transition from relief to development. The aim of the PoA is to bridge emergency activities with more medium and long-term development programmes. This PoA covers a period of 5 years – 2010 to 2015. The PoA also aims to guide FAO Zimbabwe management to align interventions with the organization's goal and mission and GoZ priorities, while ensuring optimal and sustainable impact.

FAO is presently supporting Zimbabwe in the delivery of emergency and humanitarian assistance as well as providing technical development assistance through its Regular Programme (RP) Unit. The PoA considers how FAO can position itself in this transitional assistance context.