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Situation Update: The Sahel Crisis - 29 October 2013

Situation Update: The Sahel Crisis - 29 October 2013
Oct 2013
  • The lean season is coming to an end as food crop harvests are ongoing in the Sahel. The poorest households begin to supply their exhausted food stocks but are still facing difficulties accessing adequate food on markets.
  • Aggravating factors such as population displacements and floods affect livelihoods of already vulnerable and food insecure households.
  • FAO is assisting more than 1.7 million beneficiaries by supporting food and livestock production, and providing livelihood protection and technical assistance.
  • To date, FAO has received USD 29 million. Additional funding is urgently needed to support food production, particularly for vegetables during the off-season campaign from October 2013 to April 2014. This is an important opportunity to enhance vulnerable farmers’ production and income, mostly in the areas where the main season has not been successful. Funding is also urgently required for protection of animal health and livestock restocking.