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FAO at work in Karamoja

FAO at work in Karamoja
Dec 2013

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the Government of Uganda and respective District Local Governments has been supporting communities in Karamoja to build resilience over the past nine years through a holistic livelihood programme focusing on three integrated priority areas of livestock production, crop production and land and water management within a Disaster Risk Management (DRM) framework.

To provide basis for designing appropriate interventions without undermining existing survival mechanisms, a comprehensive Household Economy Analysis (HEA) backed up by five complementary studies was carried out in 2010 to generate livelihood profiles and understand how livelihoods can be affected by wider economic or ecological changes. Following pacification of the region and ongoing resettlements, another HEA baseline is being carried out in January/February 2014 to match programming with the present livelihood trends in the region.