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 - 06/06/2022
Tigray’s Meher season is just weeks away (June/July 2022). With the rainfall outlook favourable (normal to above-normal), the season offers a critical and cost-effective opportunity to improve food availability across ...leer más
 - 06/06/2022
Food insecurity and malnutrition worsen across Somalia as risk of famine increases amid historic fourth failed rainy season. A historic fourth consecutive failed rainy season, skyrocketing prices and an underfunded humanitarian ...leer más
 - 03/06/2022
For more than a decade, people in Mali have been experiencing various types of shocks that have severely deteriorated their food security and livelihoods. These include insecurity triggering forced population ...leer más
 - 01/06/2022
En 2021, la FAO a assisté 540 470 personnes vulnérables au Burkina Faso à travers des transferts monétaires et un soutien à la production agricole et à l’élevage, afin de ...leer más
 - 31/05/2022
FAO welcomes a $12 million contribution from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund, more funds are urgently needed to avert hunger crisis. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ...leer más
 - 30/05/2022
As part of the ProAct programme, FAO, with the support of the European Union, implemented a project that has resulted in the rehabilitation of 24 ancillary structures (intakes, bridges, foot ...leer más
 - 30/05/2022
Rural communities in Somalia are hit hard by the severe drought the country is facing. This is causing them irreversible losses and threatening both their lives and livelihood. With generous finding ...leer más
 - 25/05/2022
This sixth and final progress report details FAO’s work to mitigate the effects of the desert locust upsurge – an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods – across the ...leer más
 - 25/05/2022
In late 2019, a massive outbreak of desert locusts swept across the greater Horn of Africa and Yemen. This infographic outlines the actions FAO and partners took to avert a ...leer más
 - 23/05/2022
Ce bulletin sur le suivi des données dans les situations d'urgence (DIEM-suivi) présente les résultats de la troisiième évaluation sur le terrain réalisée en février et mars 2022 au Niger. ...leer más
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