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 - 30/05/2022
The ongoing war in Ukraine has affected the planting and harvesting season. As part of its support to Ukrainian farmers, FAO has distributed over 800 metric tonnes of potato seed ...leer más
 - 20/04/2022
In 2021, FAO assisted 1.3 million people across Afghanistan with wheat cultivation packages and technical training. Each package consisted of 50 kg of certified wheat seed and 50 kg of ...leer más
 - 04/02/2022
Agriculture plays a key role in Somalia’s economy, but rural farmers, like Hibo, are increasingly under pressure. Many are forced to move away from home in order to find work.  With generous ...leer más
 - 12/01/2022
Dans le cadre du projet «Mionjo, soutien aux moyens de subsistance résilients dans le sud de Madagascar», financé par la Banque mondiale pour un montant de 200 millions d’USD, le ...leer más
 - 07/01/2022
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ (FAO) cash+ agriculture emergency programme, funded through the generous contribution of Sweden, is supporting farming households to address acute food insecurity ...leer más
 - 06/12/2021
Thanks to generous support from the United States Agency for International Development, FAO is providing winter wheat to farmers across Afghanistan. On 8 November 2021 in the Daman District Centre ...leer más
 - 03/12/2021
Thanks to funding from the United States Agency for International Development, FAO is carrying out a winter wheat campaign in Afghanistan. The campaign that has directly benefited 1.3 million people ...leer más
 - 29/11/2021
On April 25 2019, Tropical Cyclone Kenneth made landfall in northern Mozambique, bringing destruction and damage to the districts of Cabo Delgado and Nampula Provinces. This was the second cyclone ...leer más
 - 26/11/2021
As winter approaches, farmers and herders in Afghanistan face many challenges: the recent droughts, along with the economic upheaval, and rural migrations leave more than 18 million people unable to ...leer más
 - 24/11/2021
Drought has severely affected Afghanistan’s agricultural production in 2021. The southern region of the country, around the province of Kandahar, has been particularly hard hit. The World Press Photo award ...leer más
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