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 - 06/06/2022
Tigray’s Meher season is just weeks away (June/July 2022). With the rainfall outlook favourable (normal to above-normal), the season offers a critical and cost-effective opportunity to improve food availability across ...leer más
 - 24/03/2022
FAO provided training to experts on emergency management. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) trained twenty future trainers drawn from four Eastern Africa nations (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania ...leer más
 - 17/02/2022
The Somali region of Ethiopia is experiencing severe drought that has negatively affected pastoral livelihoods. Herders’ livestock have become significantly weaker and less productive, and some animals have even died.  ...leer más
 - 17/01/2022
The Horn of Africa is facing the third severe La Niña‑induced drought episode in a decade, and the region is on the verge of a catastrophe if humanitarian assistance is ...leer más
 - 08/12/2021
Northern Ethiopia is experiencing one of world's worst food crises. The escalation of conflict in Tigray, Afar, and Amhara is once again occurring at the peak of the main agricultural ...leer más
 - 01/11/2021
Key messages: The desert locust (DL) upsurge continues in the Horn of Africa but at a much-reduced level compared to one year ago. In early November, a few mature swarms that arrived ...leer más
 - 04/10/2021
With some of the world's worst food crises in recent years impacting tens of millions of people, there is an urgent need for specifically targeted funding for emergency livelihoods assistance ...leer más
 - 01/10/2021
Key messages: Following the improvement of the security situation in the Afar region, ground survey was carried out on 29.9 km2 and desert locust (DL) presence on 24.5 km2 ha was ...leer más
 - 09/07/2021
Key messages:  The takeover of Mekele city by the Tigray Defense Force (TDF) on 28 June 2021 was peaceful. On the same day, the Federal Government declared a ceasefire citing the ...leer más
 - 06/07/2021
The ongoing conflict in Tigray has led to a humanitarian crisis characterized by alarmingly high levels of food insecurity, gender-based violence, widespread displacement, limited access to services, and the destruction ...leer más
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