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 - 10/11/2021
Organismos de las Naciones Unidas afirman que urge incrementar la asistencia a la luz de un nuevo informe que pone de manifiesto una inseguridad alimentaria generalizada. Según nuevas conclusiones, la crisis ...leer más
 - 27/07/2020
IGAD-FAO-WFP Joint Statement The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) region faces an unprecedented triple threat to food security caused by the combined effects of recent severe floods, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic ...leer más
 - 22/07/2020
Economic crisis, conflict, floods, desert locusts – and now COVID-19 – could wipe out improvements in food security in parts of Yemen, UN agencies warn Economic shocks, conflict, floods, desert locusts ...leer más
 - 09/06/2020
Se requieren medidas urgentes para frenar las crisis, advierte el Director General de la FAO en una reunión de alto nivel de la ONU Las evaluaciones iniciales y en curso de ...leer más
 - 20/02/2020
Some 6.5 million people in South Sudan - more than half of the population - could be in severe acute food insecurity at the height of the lean season (May-July), ...leer más
 - 05/02/2020
Throughout 2019, Haiti was marked by major natural disasters that add to the effects of those experienced during the past ten years, the cholera epidemic, and the deteriorating socio-political and ...leer más
 - 20/12/2019
A training workshop organized by FAO in collaboration with the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) National Technical Working Group (NTWG) aims to provide trainees with skills and information on ...leer más
 - 21/11/2019
The Government of Ethiopia has released the first Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) analysis report since the methodology was adopted in 2018. The Report that analyses the food security ...leer más
 - 22/10/2019
Key points According to preliminary results of the latest IPC analysis (October 2019), which have yet to be endorsed by the Government of the Central African Republic, the number of people ...leer más
 - 16/09/2019
Key messages The deteriorating food security and livelihood situation in Afghanistan has continued into 2019, driven mostly by the combination of widespread hostilities, mass displacements, and slow and sudden-onset natural disasters. Nearly ...leer más
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