La resiliencia

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 - 23/09/2021
Among Afghanistan's many challenges, it is urgent that the international community tackle the dramatic hunger risk conditions faced by a third of the population and the livelihood risks in rural ...leer más
 - 23/09/2021
This Impact Report lists the achievements made under the "Promoting self-reliant livelihoods through employment and micro-entrepreneurship" project funded by the Government of Japan. The project supported the establishment of micro-scale ...leer más
 - 13/09/2021
El Director General de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO), Sr. QU Dongyu, pidió en el día de hoy que se prestara asistencia ...leer más
 - 05/09/2021
The project Safeguarding agriculture-livelihoods and rebuilding near-term resilience of drought-impacted vulnerable and food insecure households in Afghanistan – OSRO/AFG/006/USA is assisting smallholder and food-nutrition insecure rural households in three provinces, ...leer más
 - 05/08/2021
Rakhine State is one of the poorest states in Myanmar, with over 40 percent of its households food insecure, more than half of whom are moderately or severely food insecure. ...leer más
 - 04/08/2021
FAO completes large-scale livestock vaccination and treatment campaign to shield the livelihoods of over 36 000 livestock-dependent households. 4 August, Sana’a– The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) ...leer más
 - 25/07/2021
In Rakhine State, on the west coast of Myanmar, more than 80 percent of the population live in rural villages and depend on agriculture, fishery and aquaculture as primary sources ...leer más
 - 14/07/2021
Cox’s Bazar, a vulnerable district in south-eastern Bangladesh, is a priority area for FAO. The region, which has a Bangladeshi population of 2.65 million people, hosts the largest refugee camp ...leer más
 - 08/07/2021
Millions of people in Myanmar are expected to become hungry over the coming six months as food security is predicted to rise sharply and plunge the country into a food ...leer más
 - 30/06/2021
This project fact sheet summarizes the key aspects of this project (Curbing the potential impacts of La Niña induced dry conditions/drought in Afghanistan), objective, budget, geographical scope, people assisted, assistance ...leer más