La resiliencia

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 - 18/09/2016
This note focuses on the topic of social protection in protracted crises, presenting some possible approaches and its contribution to food security and nutrition, illustrated by case studies from FAO ...leer más
 - 22/07/2016
Speaker: Natalia Winder Rossi, Senior Social Protection Officer, Social Protection Team Leader and Delivery Manager, FAO Moderator: Julius Jackson, Technical Officer (Protracted Crises), FAO Background: In the context of the increased complexity ...leer más
 - 12/07/2016
Social protection has helped lift millions of people out of extreme poverty.  However, seventy percent of the world population, particularly in rural areas, still lack social protection coverage. Benjamin Davis, Strategic ...leer más
 - 16/05/2016
This note summarizes the role social protection can play in saving livelihoods while also enhancing the capacity of households to respond, cope and withstand threats and crises. It focuses on ...leer más
 - 01/04/2016
There is increasing recognition at the global level of the role that agriculture and social protection can jointly play in combating hunger and poverty. Efforts are also being made at ...leer más
 - 01/04/2016
Agriculture and social protection are fundamentally linked in the context of rural livelihoods in Africa. Poor and food-insecure families depend primarily on agriculture and partly on non-farm income and private ...leer más
 - 22/02/2016
Despite recent progress, still today 1 billion people are poor and around 800 million are hungry. Extreme poverty is concentrated in rural areas, and the rural poor largely rely on ...leer más
 - 01/02/2016
Poverty is one of the biggest obstacles to human development and economic growth. About 2.1 billion people still live in poverty and 900 million are extremely poor. Most of them ...leer más
 - 02/11/2015
This publication presents the linkages and synergies between social protection and nutrition in the food and agriculture and proposes recommendations for maximizing the nutritional impact of social protection programmes. The ...leer más
 - 15/10/2015
This video prepared focusing on ‘Social Protection and Agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty’ – the theme of World Food Day 2015. Preparation of this video is an attempt ...leer más
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