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 - 14/03/2022
In this paper we focus specifically on differences in the welfare impacts of COVID-19 on rural livelihoods between countries using nationally representative data that we disaggregate ...en lire plus
 - 03/03/2022
An FAO delegation headed by the FAO Representative in Afghanistan, Richard Trenchard, travelled to the southern region of Afghanistan in January 2022 to assess the needs ...en lire plus
 - 09/02/2022
The newly launched One Health Intelligence Scoping Study (OHISS) project will allow to identify opportunities for greater technical harmonization of global health intelligence and data systems. The ...en lire plus
 - 21/01/2022
World experts met to identify essential components of a One Health Intelligence System for early warning and risk assessment. Improved early warning systems are needed to reduce ...en lire plus
 - 23/12/2021
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) today welcomed a $10 million contribution from the United States of America to its COVID-19 response ...en lire plus
 - 17/12/2021
In Senegal, FAO and partners are working with the Ministry of Agriculture to support food producers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Female food processors and young people ...en lire plus
 - 19/10/2021
The paper contains a joint statement by the Social Protection Interagency Cooperation Board (SPIAC-B), a coordination mechanism comprising of a broad swath of intergovernmental and bilateral ...en lire plus
 - 22/02/2021
Food systems were severely hit by COVID-19 and the related restrictions to the movement of people and goods. In fisheries and aquaculture, the socio-economic effects of ...en lire plus
 - 19/10/2020
This webinar is made possible by the support provided by the European Union, under the Partnership Programme contributing to the Global Network Against Food Crises, and ...en lire plus
 - 05/10/2020
COVID-19 has quickly morphed from an unprecedented health crisis to a massive economic shock—and, unless immediate and decisive action is taken to sustain consumption levels and ...en lire plus
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