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 - 20/05/2022
Le programme de formation des professionnels vétérinaires en épidémiologie de terrain (ISAVET) a célébré la fin de sa première cohorte. L'Organisation des nations unies pour l'alimentation et ...en lire plus
 - 05/05/2022
The emergency supportive treatment campaign protects livestock from drought-related diseases and maintains household food security, especially for those with young children. The Food and Agriculture Organization of ...en lire plus
 - 22/04/2022
Rapid response to animal health emergencies is one of the keys to protecting livestock and preventing economic losses for farmers. When lumpy skin disease (LSD) broke ...en lire plus
 - 09/04/2022
Rift Valley fever (RVF) is an arboviral disease affecting humans and livestock transmitted by mosquitoes. It is endemic to large areas of Africa, resulting in widespread ...en lire plus
 - 24/03/2022
With support from FAO and USAID, Kenya’s Central Veterinary Laboratory has received ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation after meeting international standards for competence.   Zoonotic diseases remain a serious problem ...en lire plus
 - 01/03/2022
In Yemen, the COVID-19 crisis compounded a number of overlapping challenges. To reduce the primary impacts of the pandemic, curbing the spread of infection was critical. ...en lire plus
 - 24/02/2022
FAO is helping a women's cooperative in Wau succeed despite harsh climatic conditions and faraway markets. In the scorching heat of rural Jur River County in South ...en lire plus
 - 07/02/2022
This Data in Emergencies Monitoring (DIEM-Monitoring) brief shares the results of the round 3 field assessment conducted in September and October 2021 in Zimbabwe. It presents ...en lire plus
 - 07/02/2022
An experimental initiative to reduce hazardous dumping of poultry in Egypt aims to show farmers the business advantages of disposing safely of dead birds. Dead poultry pose ...en lire plus
 - 21/01/2022
This Data in Emergencies Monitoring (DIEM-Monitoring) brief shares the results of the round 1 field assessment conducted in May and June 2021 in Nigeria. It presents ...en lire plus
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