La résilience

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 - 09/04/2022
Food insecurity is likely to rise by seven percent across South Sudan in the coming months, compared to last year, according to a new United Nations ...en lire plus
 - 08/04/2022
In a world with 166 more million people chronically undernourished and 3 billion people with no access to healthy diets, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine “is ...en lire plus
 - 07/04/2022
The war in Ukraine is compromising global food security. The lives and livelihoods of millions of people, including farmers, are being affected. Along with UN partners, ...en lire plus
 - 05/04/2022
Extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity due to climate change, while conflicts are driving consistent and unsustainable increases in humanitarian needs. Combined, they ...en lire plus
 - 04/04/2022
Climate and human-induced disasters, threaten lives, livelihoods and food security. Smallholder farmers are among the most vulnerable to shocks, some of which are predictable. It is our ...en lire plus
 - 02/04/2022
Key considerations and entry points for the promotion of decent rural employment in the recovery phase.                          
 - 02/04/2022
Entry points for gender-responsive and inclusive interventions for Ukraine crisis.  
 - 02/04/2022
The unfolding war in Ukraine has led to destruction of life and property, food insecurity and human rights violations. It also has immediate land access and ...en lire plus
 - 30/03/2022
The Governments of Canada and Denmark and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have joined forces to support vulnerable South Sudanese whose ...en lire plus
 - 24/03/2022
Renewed funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) will support ongoing efforts to build the resilience of riverine farmers in the Jowhar corridor by ...en lire plus