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Oct 2012 - В докладе "Состояние дел в связи с отсутствием продовольственной безопасности в мире" 2012 года представлены новые оценки масштабов недоедания, подготовленные на основе новой усовершенствованной методологии. Эти новые оценки показывают, что за последние 20 лет результаты работы по сокращению масштабов голода оказались лучше, чем это предполагалось ранее, и что, при условии ...далее
Jan 2011 - There has been a rapid uptake of the term Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) by the international community, national entities and local institutions, in the past years. However, implementing this approach is challenging, partly due to a lack of tools and experience. Climate-smart interventions are highly location-specific and knowledge-intensive. Considerable efforts are ...далее
Jan 2011 - FAO-Adapt consolidates five global priority themes and related actions that support global adaptation needs in agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors.
Jul 2009 - To produce enough food to satisfy a person's daily needs takes about 3000 litres of water.
Jul 2009 - Physical water scarcity occurs when there is not enough water to meet all demands. Arid regions are most often associated with physical water scarcity, but an alarming new trends is an artificially created physical water scarcity due to over allocation and overdevelopment of water resources. Symptoms of physical water scarcity ...далее
Jul 2009 - To produce food, water is consumed by the plants in the field through evaporation and transpiration. The amount of water needed varies with crops and depends from place to place, on local productivity and conditions of available water supply through rainfall or irrigation. Once the product is harvested and becomes ...далее
Jul 2009 - With continuing population growth, rising incomes and urbanization, food demand will roughly double in the next fifty years and thus we must make better use of water along with whole chain from the farm to the market while preserving and restoring healthy ecosystems.  
Jul 2009 - Water is part of any production process. We need it to grow apples, as well as produce a packet of crisps. The amount of water needed in this process depends where we are because climate and agricultural practices will be the most important players.  
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